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It is in the best interest of all parties that the workplace be fair, facilitating focus on the main business of the organization. Discrimination robs the workforce of talent and morale. It can come in many forms, from failure to hire people due to their race or gender, to tolerating a hostile work environment. Contact a Camp Hill sexual harassment attorney.

Sexual Harassment

A hostile work environment does not just mean an unpleasant one, but one where people of one gender (usually females) are made to feel very uncomfortable. A common example is posting of obscene pictures that are tolerated by management despite complaints. Repeated sexist jokes should not be permitted. If you are experiencing these practices at work, do not quit. Rather, contact our law firm immediately. Remedies for workplace harassment may include financial compensation, punitive damages and orders to change office conduct.

Demands for sexual favors are another type of sex discrimination. If favorable treatment such as a promotion, or continued employment are attached to these demands, "quid pro quo" harassment may be found. Demands or requests are made on persons of any gender, by persons of any gender. It is generally unpleasant and may be a violation of your rights.

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