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Wrongful Termination Legal Services in Pennsylvania

Have you been terminated by your employer and have questions regarding the legality of the action? Has an employee taken legal action against your company claiming that he or she was wrongfully terminated?

Regardless of what side of a wrongful termination case you are on, it is important that 1) the steps you take now are based on sound legal information and counsel, and that 2) you work with an experienced employment law attorney.

At the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C., we have provided hundreds of individuals and firms with employment-related legal services, including numerous cases involving wrongful termination.

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Pennsylvania is an "employment-at-will" state, meaning both employees and employers can freely end employment arrangements — employees can quit and employers can fire. The employers generally can terminate employees legally in many circumstances, including circumstances that seem unfair and even purposefully mean-spirited. This means that, for instance, employers can terminate employees they suspect of stealing even if the employee is innocent of the theft.

However, employers cannot terminate employees in retaliation for whistleblowing or for filing employment-related lawsuits, including sexual harassment lawsuits. They also can't terminate employees for discriminatory reasons based on:

  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Creed, color or national origin
  • Sexual preference

Before proceeding with a plan to handle your wrongful termination case, either as an employer or an employee, first contact a lawyer to discuss case strategies based on Pennsylvania employment law. Our attorney team has two decades of combined legal experience and can provide immediate legal help. For more information regarding your rights and our firm, contact our firm.

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